The visitors of the night

For the Visitors of the night, a path of videos of art and installations and exhibition at the Windsor Hotel have been set up on the 2th and 3th of june, 2017.
So, videos of Adrian Balseca (Ecuador), Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion (France), Monica Gallab (Belgium), Vincent Voillat (France) et Okin Collective (South Corea) were settled in the hotel.
For this tour, artists are questionning the singularity of a story and the way of telling it, using many illusion techniques and the codes of the creation of a story to deliver a message via the moving image.
The image of Mar Cerrado, offered by Adrian Balseca are marked by esthetism and mystery in order to evoke an envrionmental disaster.
The software created by Emilie Brout and Maxime Marion for Dérives, do not stop playing with short cinetic extract stagging water and creating a new movie every viewing.
Nice Day for a Picnic by Monica Gallab shows with anxiety the every day life and the absurd cycle.
Vincent Voillat tells the story of the birth of a drum with images of its crossing of Tokyo (Japan) and Sanjia (China) and with a wild karaoke on the background.

For Operation for Something Black and Hot, the artists of Okin Collective demonstrate a serie of physical movement to help people relax in case of awful natural or human disaster.


It was also the opportunity to see or see again the exhibitionShow me the way...” on the lobby of the hotel.


Simultaneously, some artists realised ephemeral installations on the garden.