For a few days, the OVNi Festival propose a journey to discover art videos via an unknown stroll in the rooms of the Windsor Hotel, the rooms of the Grand Hôtel Le Florence and other partners hotels, and in public or private unusual art spaces of the city.

The Windsor Hotel redesign the artistic hospitality to welcome museums and art centers.

In 2016, prestigious museum from Seoul to Hobart, others festivals from Argentina to Barcelona and institutions were here to present some works. Also, some contemporary art networks join the event and invade other hotels. For example, Marseille Expo was welcomed by the hotel Le Grand Hôtel Le Florence in Nice.

OVNi offers the possibility to discover an unknown medium in the intimity of a hotel room. It also pursue the experience in the city via two routes to rediscover the art videos of contemporary artists known from the international scene and younger artists who have things in safe hands. With “Chambre en ville” (rooms in town), some places use the room as spread or production space. Others choose free rein with the “Satellites” tour.

OVNi is a cooperative project where each guest play a part in it. The playful form encourage the festival-goer to visit the museum, to dicover art places and to see unusual spaces for all and for initiated person.

The public and private partnership proposed by OVNi is unique and unite the hotel universe of Nice and the actors of the contemporary art world in a festive and positive way.